This release features the new board revision 4 and some improvements to the configuration file format.

An error in the USB level conversion circuit has been corrected. This error was present in all previous revisions, but has only been discovered when the revision 3 kits were shipped. Previous kits seem to have worked in spite of this error due to the characteristics of the diodes shipped with these kits.

If you own a previous revision and USB communication is working fine then there is no immediate need to fix anything. Otherwise please see the Errata for Revision 3 for details.

In addition, the resistors and diodes have now been placed horizontally in order to allow assembly for limited vertical clearance.

The button footprints have been corrected, so the buttons shipped with the kits will fit nicely without having to bend the leads.

Finally the second pin on both the keyboard and computer connector have been removed to reflect the layout of the C64 keyboard connector.

On the software side it is now possible to define custom symbols in the configuration file in order to improve readability.

As always, please refer to the project page for detailed documentation.