This release features a new board revision and also introduces new functionality.

The 7660 used for negative voltage suppy has turned out not to be required at all and has thus been removed from the board.

Instead, a PLCC28 socket has been added to allow using either DIP or PLCC versions of the crosspoint switch IC.

Two new commands have been added to save the current state of the control lines into eeprom and to restore a previously saved state later. See the save and restore commands.

In addition, the configuration utility has gained a --preserve option to preserve a previously saved state when creating a new binary configuration. See Preserving saved state when updating the configuration.

In addition, key specifications can now contain an execution policy that allows different commands or command sequences to be run every other time the key is pressed. Thus a single key can serve as a toggle switch. See Commands and bindings.

Both features have been suggested by Thomas “GMP” Müller.

Please refer to the project page for detailed documentation.