It has been quite a while since I got back into selling my hardware kits.

It is a pitty that I haven’t really managed to get back into my C64 hobby at all since I took my hiatus from 2018 until late 2020. My C64 is sitting right here beside me, filled to the rim with sophisticated hardware, but I hardly ever turn it on… my eight year old son sometimes plays a round of Bomberland on it, but that’s about it. It’s a shame, really.

Back in 2011 I had long left behind the C64 in the far reaches of my late childhood, a distant though fond memory. The only thing I still actively cherished from back then was the uncomparable beauty of sound only the SID could produce. I had occasionally downloaded an update of the HVSC and played back some of the new tunes using the sidplay emulation software. But one day back in late 2011 I felt the sudden urge to listen to a real SID chip again… So I went to pay a visit to my parents, got up into the attic and retrieved the old C128D my older brother used back in the day.

Unfortunately, I have had a hard time to get back into the whole C64 hobby as well. Corona has done its fair share – no local meetings to attend, no way to meet with other C64 freaks in real life… and let’s face it: just being in cyberspace all the time is pretty tiring, if not downright depressing…